Safety measures / Stalking
What can you do
...when you are being stalked?
  • Make it amply clear once and for all to the stalker that you want no further contact with him/her.
  • No contact with the stalker! Ignore any further attempt of contact. The stalker perceives every reaction of yours as a sign of encouragement.
  • Record all attempts of the stalker to contact you (SMS, calls, letters, personal contact...). You can note down all the actions of the stalker in a log of sorts.
  • Inform your close acquaintances about the behaviour of the stalker and the stalking. This strengthens you and weakens the stalker.
  • If you are being followed by a car, go straight to the next police station.
  • Dial the emergency number of the police in acute danger situations. Save the emergency number 133 in your cell phone.
  • Buy a handy alarm that distracts the stalker with a loud noise and alerts the people around you.
  • Talk to us about a customised solution for your situation and legal safety measures.