Our offer / Education/Workshops
Offer for further education

Colleagues from various fields often face violence in the family and the social life, and stalking. We offer workshops and education for everyone interested, which make for an awareness towards the topic and an opportunity to work towards the aim. Our offer for further education gives practical assistance, as well as background information about domestic violence and stalking, which makes it possible to take effective action. Currently, we have the following offers:
  • Seminar on "Violence in personal life" in the context of basic police training
  • The concept of education: “Action against domestic violence” in co-operation with Salzburg hospitals
  • Workshops with the employees of youth welfare and other institutions
  • Lectures at educational institutes, e.g. High School of social work and Charity School, Salzburg Academy of Public Administration
  • Workshops in schools

Advanced education conducted

Those who are interested, please contact our office. The scope and the specialisation of further education can be agreed upon individually.